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Katharabo, Mohajampur, Sonargaon, Narayanganj, Bangladesh
[ Our Vision ]

Bringing Life

The vision of Majesto Limited is very clear and simple which is "Bringing life back to your life". It means that Majesto limited is going to introduce Home furniture and decoration in such a way that will ensure a lively environment around you with our finest product design of home & office furniture and decoration.

Sketch to Reality

The basic plan and philosophy of our product portfolio are to create aesthetically stunning solutions for our customers by comprising unique styles for home décor. Even if you don’t have a ready sketch of what you want, we will help you to get the result you dreamed of by our customized solutions to your living room.


Acre Production Base


Employment Opportunity


Tolerance on Quality


What Can We Offer

Design & Planning

We help you to get the result you dreamed of with our expert design team

Interior & Exterior

We offer interior and exterior solutions with aesthetically stunning concepts

Furniture & Decor

We create and produce our product Portfolio in a Majestic approach

Be the change

Do something brilliant